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What was your favorite aspect about any history course you have ever taken?

What was your least favorite aspect of taking a history course?

Do you believe that history matters to us today?

how many assigned books (besides the textbook) do you think is appropriate for a entry-level survey course in either United States history, Western Civilization, or World History?

What do you believe to be the most important aspect in taking a history survey course?
  • remembering important dates, events, and people
  • understanding ideas and concepts
  • learning how to read and write analytically
  • learning the basics of research to develop an original paper and argument

what are some of your suggestions for making a history course more effective and interesting?

what is your opinion on the use of Power Point slides in a history course? Are they effective, why or why not?

why type of exam/quiz format do you like best?

Do you enjoy group activities and projects?

what do you think is the most critical aspect of a history course that I should keep in mind when I am teaching?

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